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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Needs a Topic. What is the meaning of to be frozen stiff with fear? Wiki User Very scared -- too afraid to move a muscle.

It's origin is not known, but it has been in use since at least a. Asked in Example Sentences What is a sentence with the word stiff? The dead body was already stiff when I found it there. Asked in Chemistry, Snow and Ice How does water freeze to make an icicle? When its half way frozen,it tends to fall slower and slower then it becomes frozen and stiff.

Asked in Phobias What is the meaning of ova phobia? The fear of eggs. Ova meaning eggs and phobia meaning fear. Asked in Cows and Cattle Fear of cows? The term for a fear of cows would be Bovinaphobia, from "Bovine" meaning cow, and "phobia" meaning fear. Asked in Medical Definitions and Word Differences, Medical Terminology What is the medical terminology combining form meaning crooked bent or stiff? Asked in Phobias What is phobophobia? Phobophobia is the fear of phobias.

Meaning it is basically the fear of fear. Asked in Movies What is the climax in the movie iron will? Earlier in the moviewill has seen his father drown in the frozen pond and Nedd Dodd says you have to conqur his fear.

Asked in Arachnophobia fear of spiders What part of the word Arachnophobia means fear? Arachnophobia means "fear of spiders" coming from the greeks. Asked in Anxiety Disorders What is the fear of demons? The fear of evil spirits is the closest I could get so Demonophobia Its Greek "Daimon" meaning evil spirit and "Phobos" meaning fear. Asked in Eating Disorders, Phobias What phobia is the fear of living? Most likely biophobia - meaning fear of life; bio meaning life and phobia meaning fear of.

Also auto means self ; so autobiophobia would mean - fear of ones own life. Asked in English Spelling and Pronunciation Is frozen the same thing as thaw? Frozen, meaning something is in cased in ice, is different from thaw, meaning it is in the proses of melting, going from frozen state you a normal state.

Oh Ya. Water Cycle does not have an Antonym as such Antonym usually refers to an opposite meaningYou, friends, are Frozen experts.

frozen with fear sentence

So instead of telling you what our favorite Frozen quotes are, we asked you! And you let it go proverbially with your top picks. We have to say, we completely agree. So great job! Pat yourself on the back and you read these quotes and rub your stomach at the same time because that impresses people and is good for coordination … Where were we? Oh, right. Enjoy these Frozen quotes:. Big summer blowout!

We could hang out at his shop, take a dip in the sauna with his family, and maybe score some free sunscreen.

Sentenced - Drown Together

Those three things are all we need out of life. Wait, what? In all of her awkward glory. Do me a favor and grab my butt! Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway. It has not diminished our love for Elsa or this power ballad. Rhetorical question. His face muscles have stopped working. That is how excited he is about this ice palace. Oh, look at that. Let it go! Sorry not sorry. I could.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it!

The sea shore is too far to the east so I fear she'll be remanded to a roadside bier of Kudzu and discarded fast food wrappers. Choking down fearshe climbed inside and sat down in the luxurious leather seat. Shakespeare remains so popular because he wrote about timeless human experiences: love and fear and envy, anger and revenge and jealousy, ambition and regret and guilt. For the first time since he began his sick games, Jenn felt genuine fear trickle through her. They did not smile nor did they frown, or show either fear or surprise or curiosity or friendliness.

She purposely kept her thoughts of what was to come—and her fear for Jule—at the back of her mind, instead filling it with her willingness to learn her trade. It is with a kind of fear that I begin to write the history of my life.

Then came the arrest, and with it the fear of being questioned by the police. An impish fear clutched my hand, so that I could not write any more that day. Punishment and fear were not; nor were threatening words read On suspended brass; nor did the suppliant crowd fear The words of their judge; but were safe without an avenger.

Paralyzed with fearLisa waited, expecting the car to slide over the edge. I fear that it may enjoy a certain health of its own; that we may be well, yet not pure. They are resting there for the night and have no fear of danger from us. Instead of keeping still, so I could eat him comfortably, he trembled so with fear that he fell off the table into a big vase that was standing on the floor. Jonny sensed him as well and looked up, confusion and fear crossing his face.

Despite Paralyzing Anxiety, There Are Ways To Move

Alex didn't know about her fear of flying and she'd just as soon he didn't learn. But it would be nice to know you had a way to get out and do things without fear of taking the only vehicle. Our hearts beat fast, and our hands trembled with excitement, not fearfor we had the hearts of vikings, and we knew that our skipper was master of the situation. She forgot all fear of her father, went up to him, took his hand, and drawing him down put her arm round his thin, scraggy neck.

She looked away fast for fear of the sizzling blue gaze and dropped to her knees in front of Darian, pulling his hands from his face to see the wound. And the fear of death and of the stretchers, and love of the sun and of life, all merged into one feeling of sickening agitation. One soldier, in his fearuttered the senseless cry, "Cut off! I have no fear this woman will attempt to escape as she sees my knife and knows full well her daughter's life is in my hands.

They allow for easy return of merchandise that doesn't meet my expectations, decreasing my fear of making a bad purchasing decision. My monolog was blurted out non-stop for fear she'd cut me off before I finished. I knew it, it was the odour that always precedes a thunderstorm, and a nameless fear clutched at my heart. Owing to the terrible uproar and the necessity for concentration and activity, Tushin did not experience the slightest unpleasant sense of fearand the thought that he might be killed or badly wounded never occurred to him.

He remembered with dissatisfaction the agitation and fear he had betrayed before his subordinates. The horse first, regardless of whether it was right or wrong to show fearsnorted, reared almost throwing the major, and galloped aside. She froze, the warmth of the magic leaving her as fear replaced it. He has stopped Austria's cackle and I fear it will be our turn next.

She caught the young officer by his cuffs, and a look of solemnity and fear appeared on her flushed face. The village elder, a peasant delegate, and the village clerk, who were waiting in the passage, heard with fear and delight first the young count's voice roaring and snapping and rising louder and louder, and then words of abuse, dreadful words, ejaculated one after the other.

She rose, having slept fully clothed out of fear Xander would attack her in her sleep. Pierre felt particularly well disposed toward them all, but was now instinctively on his guard for fear of binding himself in any way.Defrost overnight in the refrigerator if frozen and bake before serving. Stir in the frozen peas and chicken, taste for seasonings, and pour the mixture into six 2-cup ovenproof serving bowls. Without it in the atmosphere, the Earth would be a barren, frozen wasteland.

Gray Cloud, in a trance, might already have frozen to death. They availed themselves of a very hard winter to penetrate into the land over the frozen water. Frozen punch, when served, comes between the meat and game courses. Flying in and out of the briar-thickets are innumerable white-throated sparrows fleeing from frozen Canada and the lake country. The man, who is frozen to death, knows nothing of the cruelties of northern cold.

Compare freeze def 29a.


Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6—12 to find out! Words nearby frozen frowstfrowstyfrowsyfrowzyfrozefrozenfrozen custardfrozen daiquirifrozen pelvisfrozen puddingfrozen section. Ice Hockey. Also called ice-up. Origin of freeze before ; v. Words related to frozen ice-coldicyfrigidchilledicedfixednumbfrostedpetrifiedrootedsuspendedpeggedarcticSiberianantarcticiceboundstock-still. Example sentences from the Web for frozen Defrost overnight in the refrigerator if frozen and bake before serving.

Extreme Weather? Shaman Robert Shea. Birds and Nature Vol. Lords of the North A. Derived forms of frozen frozenlyadverb frozennessnoun. Derived forms of freeze freezableadjective. To pass from the liquid to the solid state by loss of heat. To make or become congealed, stiffened, or hardened by exposure to cold. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

To change from a liquid to a solid state by cooling or being cooled to the freezing point. All rights reserved. Test Your Word IQ! Play Now.I know the lake has frozen over, but I still don't think it's safe for you kids to go skating on it.

To subject something to cold temperatures and cause it to change state. The frigid air froze the remaining snow into a sheet of ice.

To subject something to cold temperatures so that it assumes a particular shape. I entertained the kids with a special ice cube that freezes water into hearts and stars. To adhere to something through the act of freezing. Is it true that my tongue could freeze to a telephone pole in this cold weather? Gus would have frozen to death had the rescue crew not found him when they did.

frozen with fear sentence

In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "freeze" and "to. You'll freeze to death if you go outside without a coat! Is the bus ever coming? I'm freezing to death here! The pond froze over, so we went skating. I was afraid that the cold snap would freeze the dog to death.

This weather is going to freeze us all to death. If you are chilled to the marrow or frozen to the marrowyou are very cold. She was chilled to the marrow and wet through. To freeze completely at the surface: Once the pond freezes over we can go skating. To become covered with a layer of ice: The bridge has frozen over, so drive very carefully.

References in periodicals archive? The global frozen fruits and vegetable market can be studied on the basis of type. Healthy Innovations Melt the Deep Freeze: Natural products are driving frozen foods by attracting a new base of health-minded, convenience-seeking consumers.

Tesco Broccoli Frozen Sweetcorn Peas and Spinach Steamer Dozens of frozen food products recalled by Aldi, Tesco, Iceland, Lidl and more following listeria outbreak; The full list of the 43 products being pulled from supermarket shelves amid health fears.

Frozen food warning after breakout of bacteria causes nine deaths Full list of 43 products recalled by Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, Iceland amid listeria outbreak; Now the FSA has issued a huge list of 43 frozen food items - many sold across the big supermarket chains - that are all being withdrawn from sale.

Usually doctors can diagnose frozen shoulder by physical exam. Getting the cold truth about frozen shoulder. Michelle Evans, chief marketing officer at Coregeo[R], master licensor of Tenderstem[R] in the UK said: " Frozen Tenderstem[R] has been several years in the making, so we're thrilled that the team at TSA International Ltd has finally cracked the code and can produce a product that meets the exacting standards we set ourselves.

Tenderstem[R] just got cooler. A frozen soil column with mm diameter including 50 mm thick ice was obtained after 24 hrs of freezing. Choosing frozen means more menu options: Throughout different weather conditions in different countries, not every farm can grow the same fruits and vegetable, or breed the same healthy animals for meat.

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Why families should choose frozen. When you are shopping for juicy strawberries or fresh greens, you may not stop at the frozen food aisle.

Are frozen fruit, vegetables as good as fresh? Consumer demand for innovation and lifestyle-based options is revitalizing frozen food categories. Frozen, Solid. Objective: To evaluate the accuracy of intra-operative frozen section in the diagnosis of various pelvic neoplasms, including ovarian tumours. Accuracy of intra-operative frozen section in the diagnosis of female genital tract neoplasms.

When your groceries aren't frozen properly, oxygen and moisture can ravage your food and make it unappetizing.The closer he got, the heavier my breathing became.

I covered my mouth with my hand to keep the loud breaths from escaping, but it became difficult as a painful sensation started in my chest as I felt an asthma attack coming on. Something like that :. Like "He is as scared as a mouse. Answer Save. This Site Might Help You. RE: Similes to describe fear?

I was as scared as a baby bird about to take it's first flight. He was scared as martin luther coon at a bedsheet costume party 3. He is as scared as a mouse 4. A sudden sense of fear ran through her nerves like the chill of an icy wind 5.

Like mice that steal in and out as if they feared the light. He was petrified to tears. Fear gripped him like icy fingers. Fear crept over him like a thousand thorns. Inside he shook like he had been electrified. Fear pounced on his emotions. He was shaking in his boots. He shivered uncontrollably.

Nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Shaking like a leaf. Muzdalfa 6 years ago Report. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

Learn more Got it! He dropped to his knees and wiped messily at the snot streaming from his nose and the tears frozen to his cheeks. No more searching for frozen half-tires in the snow and stomping the water out of them.

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Once I went on a visit to a New England village with its frozen lakes and vast snow fields. She couldn't stand, not with her frozen body, and she rolled onto her back, out of the water.

frozen with fear sentence

She still had some meat in her freezer, as well as some frozen colostrum. I have noticed that a portion of Walden which in the state of water was green will often, when frozenappear from the same point of view blue. Why is it that a bucket of water soon becomes putrid, but frozen remains sweet forever? The Guardians had frozen in mid-speech and were looking toward the mansion. Much later, in the darkest part of the night, Dean's mind was creating picture stories to amuse itself while his body lay in frozen and unmoving slumber like a fallen mannequin.

Everyone and everything around them had frozen in mid-movement, like an eerie sculpture garden. Frozen water pipes and unheated bedrooms had to be something new for a wealthy socialite. Jessi sat frozenunable to fathom that the simple red gem was capable of such magic.

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Taran glanced at Memon, who was frozen once again as he communicated silently with the demon. Her mouth opened in a frozen scream as the burning pain paralyzed her.

Three Others with glowing purple eyes stood several feet away, frozen in surprise. Two weeks passed and I'd put Howie Abbott from my mind when Betsy called one evening as I heated a frozen dinner in my lonely apartment. Crowds of soldiers from the dam began running onto the frozen pond. Flame collectors blow out in high winds, whilst water-droppers are apt to get frozen in winter. Oblivious to her frozen stare, his black eyes fixed on Bordeaux as he dashed for cover.

She'd stepped near him in her dream, until he swiped at her, and she tried to free a scream from her frozen body. Kris was frozen in place, as if not yet registering what had happened. He was frozen to move toward her, knowing in his heart it was too late. For seconds he was frozen to move toward her, knowing in his heart it was too late. In spite of the cold, I try to open the window to rid this room of the smoke and whiskey breath of those who visited here, but the frame is frozen fast.

At intervals the trees lost their icy covering, and the bulrushes and underbrush were bare; but the lake lay frozen and hard beneath the sun. They're not much for dancing, but they are a must for climbing frozen water!

Similes to describe fear?

Most of it had frozen in the coldness that made Jenn's breaths hang in the air. He was frozen in disbelief that bordered on horror then suddenly swept her up into his arms. Rostov's horse was also getting restive: it pawed the frozen ground, pricking its ears at the noise and looking at the lights.

The frozen sea beneath her feet was the color of tar, the black clouds above paused mid-swirl around a pop of blue sky in the storm's center.

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